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Music is the Journey

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Ryan Ballinger is always pushing himself to achieve more success in his music career. His A3-A6 vocal range allows him to sing along to his favorite Mozart aria, "Queen of the Night." Looking to perfect his technical abilities and develop his own unique style, this bilingual 12yo draws upon his musical family roots and passion for music. Click the Resume link above or get in touch to learn more about his background, experience, and latest projects.

Cheering Crowd

“Where words fail, music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen

Ave Maria 2022

Ave Maria 2022

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2022 "Ave Maria" recording for the short film "Life Goes On"

2023 "In Dreams"
solo rehearsal with YOSA

View performance video at

2023 Chichester Psalms Movement II
with the SA Mastersingers
View full video at

2023 Requiem for the Living "Lux Aeterna" part 1

2023 Requiem for the Living "Lux Aeterna" part 2

2023 Star Spangled Banner

2022 Pagliacci
"Yellow Balloon Chorus Boy"

2021 Sonata Piano Piece

2022 Simple Gifts Audition


San Antonio, Texas

210.274.9158 or 210.849.1136

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